Fried chicken is an American delicacy and something that literally EVERYONE loves (apart from the vegetarians, of course). There’s nothing quite like that scrumptious, crispy coating, crammed with salt and spices, concealing the moist, tender flesh of the bird beneath.

Fried chicken franchises offer a large selection of chicken treats, from deep-fried chicken legs and breasts to crispy thighs, wings, nuggets, and burgers. Fried chicken franchises offer delicious fast food, allowing customers to place orders at a counter and select their food for either dine-in or take-out consumption.

Many fried chicken franchises also offer drive-thru, delivery, and event catering options to maximize their business diversity and customer reach.

Crispy, juicy, crunchy fried chicken is an American favorite and has become a staple of Southern American cooking. Southern-fried chicken is traditionally served with mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, and a biscuit. Delicious!

The global fried chicken market will be worth $8.25 billion by 2025, so this is a profitable sector for food lovers!

Fried chicken franchises provide entry to this hugely profitable marketplace – it’s estimated that over 175 million Americans ate fried chicken in 2019, with a projected rise to almost 180 million by 2023.


Franchising is a unique opportunity to partner with an established business that has existing visibility in the consumer market. When new independent companies open, it takes them several years to develop a customer base and a reputation; fried chicken franchises come with a ready-to-go business model and a customer base who already know and love your menu.

One of the most vital benefits of investing in a franchise is the inheritance of instantly recognizable branding, offering instant curb appeal for your new company when it opens its doors to the public.

Franchise partners offer invaluable business support, born of the parent company’s experience in the marketplace. You receive excellent training at all levels of the business, from customer service to food preparation to manager. Most parent companies provide access to HR functionality, as well as business regulatory guidance to ensure that your new company runs in line with complex business-, food-, and employment laws.

Of course, with a fried chicken franchise, it’s the food that’s king. If your menu isn’t right, then your customers will not return. Fried chicken franchises offer a tried and tested menu; they’ve done the market research, and they understand what resonates most with your customer base. Independent startups don’t have that valuable insight and often take several years to get their menus right. In the meantime, they struggle for profits.

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